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“Fair and balanced”*
Scared to be challenged? Care to be ravaged?
Fox News manages.


The discussion of neutrailty in news reporting should never be taken lightly. For me, one American “news” channel stands out in this debate, trapping its audience in a never ending right-wing cocoon. Fox News has kept on showing false graphs, shutting their interviewees up and pushing their opinions in your face since 1996. A survey made in 2012 actually shows that the Fox News-viewers knew less about news than people who don’t watch the news at all.

Today Fox News Channel is received by almost 100 million American households. 100 million television sets ready to trap their viewers in their cage of highly conservative opinions under the label of fair and balanced* “news”. Cocooning you right there in front of your television.

*”Fair and balanced” is a trademarked slogan used by the Fox News Channel.

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